Episode 3 – Jason Diaz

In this episode we talk to my long time friend, who is like a brother to me, Jason Diaz or as I like to call him, Turkey. Turkey is an amazing recording and mixing engineer, live sound engineer, producer, musician and all around amazing individual. We talk about our signal chain for this episode, which he did the EQ and Compression for, along with getting amazing tones and sounds with budget friendly recording equipment. As always, we are drinking some great brews while talking shop. Pay attention, the Budget King will definitely drop some knowledge on how to get an amazing recording without breaking the bank.

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Signal Chain

Hey all for this episode Jason Diaz took control of the mic setup. He used the Slate VMS Mic and I used the Shure SM7B. Below is the signal chain for both of us:


Slate VMS Mic > VMS One Preamp > JDK Audio R24 EQ > Art PRO VLA II Compressor > RedNet 1 > Pro Tools


Shure SM7B > Fethead > JDK Audio R24 EQ > Art PRO VLA II Compressor > RedNet 1 > Pro Tools

As always we take the output of Pro Tools and then send it over to the Burl B2 Bomber. Below is the Chain:

Pro Tools > RedNet 1 > Burl B2 Bomber > RedNet D16 > Pro Tools

As always I am using Dante to send audio from the RedNets to Pro Tools using the RedNet PCIeR Card. Using this setup allows for me to have little to no latency!!! How amazing!!!

Feel free reaching out if you have any questions!!!