Episode 4 – Cesar Mejia

In this episode we talk to my friend, brother, mentor, and studio partner, Cesar Mejia. Cesar has had an amazing career as an Recording and Mixing engineer working with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Danny Lozano, Los Lobos, East LA Taiko, Tezacrifico, and many more!! We discuss the importance of studio vibes and getting things right at the source so that artists can hear the record as soon as they are recording giving them confidence. We also tap into the topic of egos and how to deal with them in the studio.

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Signal Chain

For this episode we recored the audio at The Shelter Studios in Boyle Heights, CA. Cesar took over the signal chain on this episode. Below are the details:


Shure SM7B > Focusrite ISA 428 > Neve 1073 EQ >Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X > Pro Tools


Shure SM7B > Focusrite ISA 428 > API 550B EQ > Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X > Pro Tools

Once in Pro Tools Cesar takes the audio out and into the Dangerous 2 Bus then out to Smart Research CLA1 Stereo Compressor and then to the Burl B2 Bomber. After the B2 Bomber Cesar then sends that back into Pro Tools to record. Definitely some heavy hitting gear on here!!