Episode 10 – Justin Kozonis

Hello everyone!! Thanks for tuning in yet again. In this episode I chat it up with my good friend, Justin Kozonis. Justin is another former CSUDH student that works in post production as well as producing music on the side. We talk about his day to day at his current job as well as obstacles he faces. Along with that we take a stroll down memory lane and discuss our recent NAMM trip as well as ideal gear that we lust over.

For this episode I am hosting it at my home so you will hear my brothers and dog in the background as well as my noisy neighbor. We are also drinking brews and eating pretzels so I apologize in advance as you will hear us slurp, burp, and chew.

Note: Justin was gracious enough to do all the processing on the vocals. We are hearing his work first hand. All I did was master and put up on here. Thanks Justin!!

Feel free reaching out to us at anytime: podcast@gearnbeerspodcast.com


Signal Chain

For this show I used a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt interface into my MacBook Pro Retina using Pro Tools. I also used a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 as a headphone amp for Justin. Here are the details:


Shure SM7B > Fethead > Clarett 2 Pre > Pro Tools

I then took a line output of the Clarett 2Pre and fed it to the line input of the Scarlett 18i8 in Stand Alone Mode. This allowed Justin to hear both our mics via his headphones.

Justin was kind enough to do the processing on the vocals. You get to hear his handy work first hand!!!

Feel free reaching out with any questions!!