Episode 9 – NAMM

New episode!!! Finally!! Sorry for the absence. I had a bit of an accident. You will hear about in the show. Lets just say that I did not practice what I normally preach. In this episode, I will explain the hiatus as well as some audio from our NAMM adventure!! You will get to hear past guests Christian Salas and Mike Eckes along with soon to be guests Justin Kozonis and Marco “Destroyer” Ruiz. While on the loose at NAMM we had the lovely ladies, our better halves, Liz, Nelly and Sophia and we got to meet the new member of the crew Jengineer JR, AKA Judy. We also got to meet Travis from Gaff Club:


Get your Gaff tape for your studio from these guys!!!

Feel free reaching out to us at anytime: podcast@gearnbeerspodcast.com


Signal Chain

For this show I used a Windows 10 machine to record my audio using Dante Virtual Soundcard and Windows 10. Out of my normal workflow but it worked. Here is my chain for this episode:


Shure SM7B > RedNet 4 > RedNet 1 > JDK Audio R24 EQ > ART PRO VLA II Compressor > RedNet 1 > Pro Tools

As always I am coming out of Pro Tools and sending the audio to the Burl B2 Bomber for processing then back into Pro Tools.

For the NAMM Show, I used a dual lav mic setup. it was an interesting mic as it was a two in one mono lav mic. In other words, there where two mics and it was summed down to mono. I used an iPhone 7 Plus with Garageband to record as we walked and talked shop at the NAMM Show.

Feel free reaching out with any questions!!